We have been on a crusade for the last 7 years to try to stamp out the illegal procuring of payment for the illegal provision of un-Licensed classic, vintage and novelty vehicles for school prom transport.

Many ‘companies’ across the country have websites offering vehicles for school proms, these will include such vehicles as:

  • Vintage cars
  • Classic cars
  • Ice Cream Vans
  • Fire Engines
  • Military vehicles
  • Police vehicles
  • Ambulance
  • Lorries

Any company offering any vehicle MUST have and be able to provide their Local Authority License Number and the name of the issuing Authority.  This can then be checked and verified with that Authority.

RR Elite Ltd has a private hire operator’s licence (number OP 201) issued by Southampton City Council and a selection of our vehicles as shown on the prom page of our website have been licensed as private hire vehicles and have passed all the necessary safety checks required by law, also our drivers carrying out these jobs have a private hire drivers licence issued by Southampton City Council.

It is a CRIMINAL OFFENCE for a company to take payment and to provide classic, vintage, novelty or any other type of vehicle for hire for proms without the appropriate Licenses - i.e. Operators License, a Vehicle License and a Driver’s License to comply with the Private Hire Vehicles (London) Act 1998 and Section 80 Local Government (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976

All passengers will be travelling in an un-insured, illegal vehicle.

A Licensed vehicle driver MUST be CRB checked to obtain their Licence to drive that vehicle. An un-Licensed vehicle is unlikely to have a CRB checked driver, another serious consideration for parents parting with their money to hire one of these vehicles.

Most parents and certainly all of the children, have no idea of the Law surrounding Private Hire Vehicles.  I do hope you will pass this important information on to the unsuspecting parents of those Year 11 pupils who are already busy trying to secure fancy transport for their child’s up-coming prom.

It is disappointing for the children, but their safety and parents peace of mind trumps any disappointment felt.

Only book a vehicle which is Licensed and can be verified.

Wedding Hire is exempt from private hire legislation and therefore vehicles used exclusively for weddings are not required to have this licence.

These rogue traders must be stamped out before something serious happens.

Please pass this relevant and necessary information on to other parents, pupils and your child's school.

Worshipful Company of Carmen RR Elite Wines Institute of Advanced Motorists The Rolls Royce Enthusiasts Club

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